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Impastatrice Torrone

Machine for Nougat Kneading

Cooker for “Soft and crumbly Nougat”

Production capacity: from min. 50 to max 90 kilograms for each cooked

Size: 1600x 1400x 2400-3400

Weight: 1300 Kg

Kneading machine for Nougat
Kneading machine for Nougat
Kneading machine for Nougat

Machine able to cook soft and crumbly nougat in copper tub.
The machine is completely unloaded automatically without any effort on the part of the operator.
After baking is partially raised the internal spatula to the tank which can thus be cleaned from nougat, after this operation, the spatula can be raised completely to allow the rotation of the bowl even over 90 ° in order to download the cooked product on a tray.
Each parameter of the machine, speed of the spatula, cooking times, spatula lifting and tilting drum, are operated by “touch screen” mounted on the electrical panel.
Tank heating with low pressure steam or hot water.

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